Put Your House in Order

Put Your House in Order

Putting your house in order can be an intimidating proposition. If you have guests coming over and you haven’t taken care of your house for the past two weeks, it’s not pretty. Trash is full, dog hair is everywhere, kids toys are covering the floor, and what is that weird smell? Rushing around 15 minutes before your guests arrive can only do so much for a house that isn’t fundamentally in order.

Finance is no different. It’s not even that hard. It just takes a little discipline. It is however, far more important than cleaning your house. The sooner you get your financial house in order, the more benefits you will reap. This is a long term play. This doesn’t mean that you can’t start at any age but sooner is better.

So, here you are. You give up 40+ hours a week to get enough money to live. And then what? Nobody taught you what to do with it. How to handle it so it doesn’t disappear and you are scrimping by until the next paycheck. Let alone planning for taxes, buying a house, IRAs, 401ks, charitable giving, trusts, and retirement. It’s overwhelming.

It doesn’t matter if you make $12 an hour or a million dollars a year, knowing enough about basic personal finance is crucial. A millionaire can get into trouble just as easily as a broke college student or single parent.

So take a little time, learn a little, read my blog, and put your house in order.

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